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Babies and Children

Osteopathy at a Young Age

Cranial osteopathy is a popular form of treatment for babies and younger children, as it is very gentle, non-invasive and safe. Often problems caused by the birthing process, where the baby experiences great pressure during delivery can be helped by osteopathy. Rapid birth, forceps, long labour, caesarean section, maternal fibroids, or twin births can influence the forces affecting the baby during birth. These forces can cause restrictions, and treatment gently eases these. As children become older both cranial and manual osteopathic techniques are appropriate.


Treating the Trials of Childbearing 

During pregnancy the mother’s body goes through enormous changes to support the growth of her baby. Apart from the changes in mechanical stresses, the mother also goes through hormonal changes, which affects tissues such as ligaments, and this in turn,  can cause pain. Osteopathy is very gentle and safe way to help with problems like low back pain, upper back and neck pain, symphysis pubis dysfunction, and sciatica.

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